Me and my babies have been exposed, I believe 99% chance that I’m correct to Mold Toxin Exposure for approximately 5 years. I have all the severe serious level symptoms, plus have been exposed to carbon monoxide poisoning for approximately 8-9 months. I have been deteriorating very quickly. My 2 babies who are Lovebirds also have been deteriorating with severe symptoms which have gone to partially blindness. Please advise me on all the Medical Tests that can be done to confirm and determine my suspicions to Mold Toxin Poisoning Exposure.

Thank you in advance for your quick response as I’m in a desperate need of this information ASAP. I am in a crisis and I have no support. In addition due to my destabilizing health conditions my finances have been exhausted and I have been unable to work for months or hardly function at home with no income support. The Doctors are baffled so I need to inform them what steps to take immediately. Note: EEG, MRI tests have been completed however MRI results not known at this time and EEG apparently was normal.

Microbiologist Changed status to publish March 12, 2022