I have found what appears to be a mould growing in my window. It is gooey in texture and clear in colour. The window is often wet with condensation to the point it drips down continuously for hours on end.
I am not sure if the jelly like characteristic of the mould is because of the water or because that is it’s composition.

Recently the mould was disturbed by somebody in our room (they opened the window). My wife had just left the room for a while with our infant daughter (10 months) for medical reasons as this person had to come in. When she came back into the room fifteen minutes or so passed when her nose started running, being allergic to mould she immediately told me it had been disturbed and she could smell it. She now has had for the last four days what appears to be cold like symptoms. What should we do? How long do these symptoms typically last?

Does my description of the mould sound at all like anything particularly dangerous? Would this be a danger to our daughter? We don’t actually have anywhere else we could live so this is important to us how we handle it. Could putting plastic window covering that seals with heat keep it from the room or would it disturb it too much? It wasn’t here in the summer but seems to have happened from the washing that we’ve hung in the room drying without any ventilation. We’re concerned for our daughter so if you could let us know asap we’d so appreciate it. As I said, we live in this room and she is in the room nearly 24 hours every day. Thank you for your time.

Microbiologist Changed status to publish March 12, 2022