Find out if you have mold with just scotch tape

Black mold on baseboard

Runny nose? Sneezing all the time? Don’t assume it’s a cold. It might be an allergic reaction to mold spores. And for a one-time $50.00 fee, we can confirm their presence in your house – no special kit or apparatus required!

Step 1: Look for visible mold growth
This looks like black spots on a wall, ceiling, floor or inside cupboards (especially cupboards with plumbing in them). They might not be easy to spot so you’ll have to look closely. Get down on your hands and knees and examine your walls near the floor; lift carpets and furniture and look at the floor underneath them; get on a ladder and examine the ceiling. They might be small, but you’ll notice them.

Step 2. Tear off a 2- to 3-inch piece of scotch tape
Hold the piece of tape at one end, place sticky side down onto the mold-like spots you find and press gently. Then remove tape and stick them in individually labelled ziplock bags (i.e., basement wall, bedroom window sill, kitchen ceiling, bathroom under the sink). Then enclose your samples in an envelope or bag.

Note: If you see mold growth in more than one place (say kitchen, washroom, bedroom and basement), we recommend taking a minimum of 3 samples. This is because the mold in the washroom is highly likely to be different from that in the basement or kitchen or ceiling.

Step 3. Book your lab test

This is as simple as paying your $50.00, which you can do here. You can pay with Visa, MasterCard or PayPal. Please note that each test is $50.00, so if you take three samples, it would come to $150.00

Step 4. Send the samples to us.
Address your samples to:
Lab Manager
Mold & Bacteria Consulting Laboratories (MBL) Inc.
1020 Brevik Place, Unit 1A
Mississauga, ON L4W 4N7


Lab Manager
Mold & Bacteria Consulting Laboratories (MBL) Inc.
4475 Wayburne Dr., Suite 204
Burnaby, BC V5G 4X4

Include your name, address, phone number, email address and the date the samples were collected. In 2–3 days, you’ll get:

  • Lab analysis of Mold samples collected by you using Clear Scotch Tape
  • Lab report showing the types of mold present in your samples.
  • An interpretation of the results.
  • A free 15-minute consultation with a microbiologist to discuss next steps.

Don’t wait to find out if you have dangerous mold in your house.
Do the tape test and know for sure.




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