Filamentous Bacteria in Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment is essential for human health and environment, as well as to protect and maintain the environment from the distribution of pollution and water-borne diseases. Human sewage and waste from industries are the main sources of wastewater. Biological wastewater treatment is the largest and most commonly biotechnology method in the world. It is an […]

Metalworking Fluids Bacteria and Fungi

What are Metalworking Fluids? Metalworking fluids (MWF) is the name given to a range of oils (mineral -petroleum, animal, marine, vegetable or synthetic oils) and other liquids that are used to cool and/or lubricate metal works during machining, grinding, cutting, milling, etc. There are four basic classes of Metalworking Fluids: Straight Oils: Also called "cutting" […]

Testing For Bacteria

Bacteria Testing We offer various bacterial analytical services and tests at Mold & Bacteria Consulting Laboratories (MBL). We can test air samples (taken by an RCS sampler or an Anderson sampler), surface samples (taken by culture-swabs), and water samples, as well as many other types of samples. If you have a question regarding a particular […]

4 Types of Bacteria Commonly Found in Homes & Businesses

Television commercials, literature, and popular belief tell us that there are bacteria floating around everywhere, sitting on every surface, just waiting to jump up and infect us. But what is really there? You may be surprised to find out. While it is true that you will not find a surface without bacteria on it, the […]

Bacteria in Water: Coliforms, Iron and Sulfur Bacteria

While we do tend to focus on indoor Mold and Bacteria in our reviews, there are obviously other microbes to consider especially bacteria in water. In the past, we’ve mentioned Legionnaires’ disease, which is a disease caused by a waterborne bacterium. Here we’ll discuss three other types of bacteria in water: coliforms, which, although not […]

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