A fungal disease that is spreading throughout Canada and Northwestern USA

A rare fungal disease, Cryptococcosis, has recently been shown to be quickly spreading throughout Canada and Northwestern USA. Cryptococcus gattii, the fungus that causes the fungal disease, cryptococcosis is soilborne and is also associated with certain trees such as eucalyptus, pine or fir trees. It was previously only known in warmer climates throughout the tropics. However, since […]

Risk of Mold Growth Outbreak after Flooding

Mold growth outbreak in homes and commercial building after flooding is inevitable. Although the flooded buildings could have been dried, some moisture can remain in drywall, wood furniture, cloth, carpet, and other household items and surfaces and could lead to mold growth. Exposure to mold can cause health problems such as hay-fever-like reactions (such as stuffy […]

Airborne bacteria and mould in paper production facilities

Airborne bacteria and mould can reach very high levels in the pulp and paper manufacturing plants. Process water contains sugars, starch, and other components that support and promote the growth of bacteria and, certain yeasts and moulds. Interestingly, the non-biological and biological waste present in wastewater from pulp and paper production facilities can be treated […]

Indoor Mold And Bacteria and Their Health Effects

Indoor mold has become a household name. We have all heard or seen on advertisements phrases like toxic mold or black mold. These phrases create fear, panic and confusion. People have spent thousands of dollars in indoor mold remediation or disposed of household items including clothes because of mold contamination. Are these decisions based on […]

Brand ‘Signature Ornaments’ Found to Contain Aspergillus Mold

Preparing for the holidays can be an exciting time to share with loved ones. Gathering up old holiday decorations and adding new ones to the collection has been a long standing tradition in many families. This year however, there are a few precautions we urge people to take when purchasing ornaments and other decorations for […]

A Fungus, Beauveria bassiana being used to fight bed bugs

A fungus, Beauveria bassiana, is now being looked at as a potential solution to bed bugs. Bed bugs have been documented as human pests since the 17th century. Human blood is their preferred food, but they will also feed on rodents, bats, birds and pets, if humans aren’t available. Bed bugs are small and often […]

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