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MBL provides mold testing services in homes, offices, apartments, schools and medical facilities. The main concern with mold is inhaling airborne spores. Airborne mold spores are not visible to the naked eye and that’s why we recommend air quality testing for mold during inspection. It is important to know that poor clean-ups may disturb mold, causing very high airborne mold levels, and spreading the mold throughout the building. Mold testing without sampling for airborne mold spores must be considered incomplete.

Do you have a mold problem? Do not panic. MBL has solutions for your mold problem. This is how it works:

  • You call us to collect samples or you send samples to our laboratory.
  • We identify all the molds in the samples and provide you with their identities and information on their health risks and symptoms (if documented in medical literature).
  • Depending on the level of mold contamination, we connect you (or you find a company of your own choice) with companies that can do mold removal and clean-up for you.
  • We can take air samples before and after mold removal to determine if airborne mold levels have been reduced to “normal” levels.
Black mold on baseboard

Black mold on baseboard

Download our Chain of Custody (Analysis Request Form) and send samples today or call us at (905)290-9101 to do the sampling for you. Mold growth gets worse with time…. call today.

The advantages of MBL approach.

  • If we find no mold in the samples you sent to us (or the ones we collected), you will have peace of mind that you or your family are not likely to be exposed to mold. If the family is sick, you and your doctor can then concentrate on other possible causes of sickness having eliminated mold.
  • If we find mold we will be able to advise you whether it is something you can clean-up yourself (depending on area of contamination) or you need a professional to do it for you, thus saving you money if a professional was not required.
  • We strongly adhere to professional ethics and we are independent of mold removal companies so our reports and advice are reliable and unbiased.
Testing air quality for mold using a professional mold testing kit

Testing air quality for mold

The Advantages of Using MBL Services

  1. Our mold testing laboratory provides identification services for molds such Stachybotrys, Aspergillus, Penicillium, Cladosporium, and many others. We have considerable experience collecting and analysing air samples and surface samples such as bulk samples (that is pieces of drywall, ceiling tiles, insulation material, carpet, wood and wallpaper), tape lift samples, swab samples, and dust samples.
  2. A detailed written mold test report of laboratory results, medical information, and recommendations is provided. The lab report includes:
    • A listing of significant/dominant molds in each sample examined.
    • A summary of medical information (where available) for each significant mold identified.
    • Recommendations on what actions to take.
    • Links to guidelines for mold removal.

When Should you use the MBL Solution?

  • If you suspect that there is an indoor air problem in the building involving mold.
  • If you see mold and you want to know if it is a health risk or only a cosmetic problem and how big the problem is.
  • If remediation has been done and you want to know how successful it was.

Call us today at (905)290-9101 to come and do the sampling for you or download our Chain of Custody (Analysis Request Form) and send samples.

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