Mold Testing For Home

Is the MOLD in your home making you sick? Expert Testing Will Find Out For Sure!

A shocking number of homes in our area are infested with MOLD. Our wet climate is the perfect environment for mold to get established and grow.

Homes with mold see an immediate reduction in their value. By identifying your mold problem and taking steps to reduce it, the full value of your home is restored.

Mold is particularly hard on anyone who suffers from allergies, asthma, or COPD. The coughing, wheezing, constantly runny nose, and itchy eyes can all be caused by mold in your home.

Mold spores are released into the air creating exceptionally poor air quality. The air in your home can be far more dangerous than air in industrial zones or on major highways.

Just as bad, Mold creates the right conditions for the growth of hundreds of harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness and spread disease.

Don’t let MOLD live in your home!

We provide expert Mold Inspection and Testing Services. Our trained professionals perform 100% safe biological tests that will positively identify any mold that exists in your home.

We can identify where the mold is and what kind of mold you have. As you may know, there are many types of mold. Some are quite dangerous.

You may already know mold is a problem in your home. Generally when you see mold on the outside of a wall, there is mold inside the wall as well. Mold is often accompanied by a definite odor. We can identify where the order is coming from and find out if it is caused by mold.

After we conclude testing, we will provide you with a full professional report that positively identifies any mold that is living in your home.

This testing is particularly important for any home that was used for growing Marijuana. Authorities warn the very humid conditions used in grow operations can create serious mold problems that plague the home for years.

Schedule YOUR Mold Inspection and Testing today! Call 905-290-9101 or 604-435-6555 for your no-obligation discussion of the service we can provide your home, business, or institution.

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