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How To Remove Mold Safely

To remove mold safely, it’s important to remember that indoor mold growth may be growing on hidden surfaces, such as the backside of dry wall, wallpaper, or paneling, the top of ceiling tiles, the underside of carpets and pads. Such hidden mold can be detected during mold inspection and testing. If you see mold in your home or office the first thing should be to assess the size of the mold or moisture problem and the type of damaged materials before planning the mold removal work. Therefore, Don’t Spend On Mold Removal Before Testing The Mold First…

To Safely Remove Mold, Test Mold Samples First. Learn How To Do It!

remove mold safelyWhether you should remove mold yourself or hire a contractor depends on a number of factors. One consideration is the size of the area covered by visible mold growth. If the moldy area is less than about 10 square feet (less than roughly a 3 ft. by 3 ft. patch), with proper protection, you can remove the mold yourself. Unless you are trained in mold inspection and testing, it’s better to use a professional to assess the extent of mold growth. This is because investigating hidden mold problems is difficult and requires caution when the investigation involves disturbing potential sites of mold growth.

The size of the area covered by mold is determined during mold inspection and testing. Therefore before you start to remove mold or hire a mold removal company, it’s recommended that a thorough mold inspection and testing is conducted. Mold testing helps to determine whether you have toxic mold in your home or office. Knowing the type and amount of mold present will help in deciding the safest mold removal strategy to use. The cost of mold removal is determined by the level of mold contamination. Three levels mold contamination are generally recognized based on visual inspection. These levels are Small (level 1), Medium (level 2) and Large (level 3). Mold removal for level 3 contamination is the most expensive and should only be performed by trained contractors.

When To Use A Mold Inspection and Testing Company

By detecting a mold problem early you can save yourself a lot of money and a lot of trouble, since you can stop mold before it becomes a much bigger problem. There are some signs and conditions that suggest you need a mold inspection. Some of these signs and conditions include:

  • Persistent respiratory health problems such as coughing, sneezing, blocked nose, etc., that sometimes disappears and then reappears
  • Musty or earthy odour
  • Visible mold growth
  • Very high humidity and condensation on windows
  • Leaking pipes or the roof.
  • After flooding
  • Damp basement

Why Use MBL for Your Mold Inspection and Testing

MBL does not perform mold removal and therefore there is no bias in the assessment of the level of mold contamination. If you’ve a level 1 mold problem, we can save you money by advising you on how you could remove the mold yourself. Also if you hire a contractor to remove mold for you, MBL can inspect and perform mold testing again to ensure that the work was done properly.

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