Contract Microbiological Research

Mold & Bacteria Consulting Laboratories (MBL) team of PhD trained microbiologists are able to undertake any unique or exploratory research projects to resolve concerns, answer questions or provide you with data for marketing or other purposes. 


Who is Contract Research for?

Any manufacturer or product developer requiring microbiological data to resolve concerns, answer questions or support marketing activities. MBL offers cost effective microbiology contract research and development services to companies involved in the production of medical devices and antimicrobial products. We work closely with our clients to provide microbiological support to complement your existing expertise in product development. Product development can be supported by standard regulatory testing in order to substantiate product label claims.


What will Contract Research achieve?

We will provide you with a comprehensive set of valuable data based on your specific requirements.

What does Contract Research involve?

Our team of experienced microbiologists will undertake the research necessary, whatever this may be, to provide you with the data you need. The findings will be provided to you in a comprehensive, confidential report. We can then help you interpret this data for use in marketing activities or to support a product launch, plus anything else.

What methods will be used in Contract Research?

Mold & Bacteria Consulting Laboratories can utilize an extensive range of microbiological research methods  in order to provide you with the data you require. 

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