Airborne Fungal Spores

Fungal spores and especially mold spores are a normal component of the outdoor air. They are microscopic structures that function as “seeds” to allow fungi to reproduce. Apart from acting as “seeds” for reproduction, many fungal spores are adapted for dispersal and for survival, often for extended periods of time, in unfavorable conditions. Airborne Fungal […]

Mold Spores In Air And Health Issues

Mold spores are tiny structures produced by molds for the purpose of reproduction, i.e., they are “seeds” but unlike the plant seeds mold spores do not contain a preformed empryo. Health Effects Associated With Mold Spores Mold spores are common in household and workplace dust. Also, due to their light weight, mold spores are often […]

What Do Your Mold Lab Test Results Mean?

Interpreting lab test results for indoor mold is currently not standardized. Therefore, it would not be surprising if you give 10 different people same copy of lab test results for interpretation and you get 10 different opinions. However, if you tell the 10 people what you wanted to find out from those results and also […]

The Phases of Fungal Growth in Indoor Environment

Fungal growth in both modern and historic buildings is attributed to environmental conditions such as water, humidity, temperature and lack of ventilation. Often, people will ask the laboratory if it is possible to tell how old the mold is and/or whether the mold was actively growing and what the source of the mold was. The […]

Skin bacteria could be used to identify you

Skin bacteria could be used to identify you just like your fingerprints. Studies on all the microbes (a.k.a, microbiome) that live in and on the human body suggest that humans serve as hosts for a vast diversity of microorganisms. Each human being supports trillions of microorganisms and any 2 people share only about 13 percent […]

The Worst Ebola Disease Outbreak in History

Ebola disease, an infectious and generally fatal viral disease has caught the attention of the whole world. The current outbreak in the West African countries has been described as the worst in the history of the disease. The Ebola disease is characterized by fever and severe internal bleeding. Ebola disease is transmitted through contact with […]

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