Bacteria in hot tubs, spas and swimming pools

Bacteria found in hot tubs, spas and swimming pools are a health hazard to the users of these recreational facilities. It is estimated that one-third of waterborne disease outbreaks are caused by pools and hot tubs. It is important to note that some people are more likely to get sick from exposure to bacteria and […]

Skin bacteria could be used to identify you

Skin bacteria could be used to identify you just like your fingerprints. Studies on all the microbes (a.k.a, microbiome) that live in and on the human body suggest that humans serve as hosts for a vast diversity of microorganisms. Each human being supports trillions of microorganisms and any 2 people share only about 13 percent […]

Flesh-eating bacteria in humans

The term “flesh-eating bacteria” was originally used to describe the group A streptococci (GAS), such as Streptococcus pyogenes, that cause a rare infection. Terms like flesh-eating or necrotizing have been used because the bacterial infection produces toxins that destroy tissues such as muscles, skin, and fat. However, the bacteria does not “eat” the flesh as […]

Compost as a source of the deadly Legionella bacteria

Compost may contain the potentially deadly Legionella bacteria. In fact, cases of legionellosis caused by Legionella bacteria in compost have been on the increase worldwide. In October 2013, a case of legionellosis linked to compost exposure was reported in Richmond, British Columbia. Legionellosis is a term used for any disease, caused by Legionella. Two forms […]

How Germs Affect the Air Quality Inside of Your Car

Often, we think about the air quality in our homes or offices. But have you ever thought about the air quality inside of your car? Well, it is something to consider…A ventilation system and passenger cabin of almost every vehicle on the road is a great home for germs and harmful allergens. You could be putting […]

Filamentous Bacteria in Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment is essential for human health and environment, as well as to protect and maintain the environment from the distribution of pollution and water-borne diseases. Human sewage and waste from industries are the main sources of wastewater. Biological wastewater treatment is the largest and most commonly biotechnology method in the world. It is an […]

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