Sewage Backup – Why Test For Total Coliform, Fecal Coliform and Enterococcus

Sewage backup could lead to sewage contamination of the occupied spaces. Exposure to sewage contamination increases the risk of contracting diseases of the digestive system and other related illnesses. Potential disease causing organisms in sewage contamination include Escherichia coli, Salmonella, and Shigella. Testing for all possible disease causing microorganisms (pathogens) after sewage backup could be expensive, tedious […]

A fungal disease that is spreading throughout Canada and Northwestern USA

A rare fungal disease, Cryptococcosis, has recently been shown to be quickly spreading throughout Canada and Northwestern USA. Cryptococcus gattii, the fungus that causes the fungal disease, cryptococcosis is soilborne and is also associated with certain trees such as eucalyptus, pine or fir trees. It was previously only known in warmer climates throughout the tropics. However, since […]

Mould Training Course In Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

A mould training course on how to recognize indoor mould, how to develop effective sampling strategies, how to interpret laboratory results and how to control mould growth was conducted in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Concern about indoor mould exposure has been increasing as the public become aware that mould can cause serious health effects including allergic reactions. Mould has […]

Risk of Mold Growth Outbreak after Flooding

Mold growth outbreak in homes and commercial building after flooding is inevitable. Although the flooded buildings could have been dried, some moisture can remain in drywall, wood furniture, cloth, carpet, and other household items and surfaces and could lead to mold growth. Exposure to mold can cause health problems such as hay-fever-like reactions (such as stuffy […]

Methods for controlling Legionella growth in piped water systems and cooling towers

Controlling Legionella Growth in Water Systems Strategies for control of Legionella growth in water depends on water chemistry, temperature and the use of the water system. Legionella growth in water systems can be controlled by using chemicals and modifying the environmental conditions (e.g. by controlling nutrient levels, controlling temperature, and preventing low flow and stagnation). […]

Airborne microorganisms in animal housing facilities

Clean air void of hazardous substances is vital to the survival of all living organisms. Conditions in animal housing facilities may promote the growth of a wide diversity of microorganisms including bacteria and mould. Presence of airborne microorganisms in animal housing facilities affects the quality of air in those facilities. The quality of air directly affects […]

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