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Aspergillus/Penicillium and Unidentified Spores: What Should You Know?

Indoor air sampling for mould spores may be conducted to help in evaluating the air quality after occupants’ complaints of ill health, to determine the effectiveness of remediation procedures, to assess health hazards or to proactively monitor indoor air quality. Mould spores enter a building from outdoors through: air intakes for the heating, ventilation, and/or air conditioning system (HVAC), doors […]


Penicillium species: the mould that saved millions of lives Penicillium is a group (Genus) of moulds found everywhere world-wide. It is the mould that saved millions of lives by producing the first ever known modern antibiotic, the penicillin. The discovery of penicillin from the fungus Penicillium chrysogenum (then known as Penicillium notatum) by Sir Alexander Fleming […]

Medical Relevance of Cladosporium Spores In Indoor Environment

The mold Cladosporium was first described in 1816. Members of Cladosporium are widely distributed worldwide and commonly found on all kinds of plant material, soil, food, paint, textiles and other organic matters. They are also found colonizing as secondary invaders leaves infested by other plant pathogenic fungi. Cladosporium spores represent the most common fungal component […]

Do you have a mold problem in your home?

Do you have a mold problem in your home? If you’ve seen mold in your home, don’t panic! Send samples for mold testing today. A number of molds can sometimes be found growing in houses on drywall, wood, behind wallpaper, and on ceiling tiles in areas that are constantly moist or have suffered water damage […]

Mold Growth on Imported Products

Mold growth on products is a major problem facing many manufacturers, vendor suppliers, warehouses, wholesalers, distributors, and retailers. Millions of dollars are lost every year to mold growth. The problem is that products of organic nature such as clothes, leather products, wooden products and many others are subject to damp conditions while in transit from overseas […]

Water Activity Requirements For Mold Growth

Definition of Water Activity Water activity (aw) refers to “free” water available for microbial growth. For microbial growth to occur, moisture must be freely available. The water activity of a material determines which types of mold would grow on that material. Technically, the water activity is defined as the ratio of the vapour pressure exerted […]

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