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Could Mold Trigger Parkinson Disease?

Parkinson disease (PD), a common movement disorder in humans was discovered in 1817 by a British doctor, Dr. James Parkinson. The exact causes of Parkinson disease are poorly understood but recent studies suggest that several environmental agents including microbial volatile organic compounds (MVOCs), may be involved. The symptoms of Parkinson’s disease include tremor, rigidity, slowness and stiffness […]

Do You Have Mold Allergy Symptoms?

Mold allergy symptoms can be defined as damaging immune responses by the body to mold and/or mold byproducts. Molds are microscopic fungi characterized by having a body structure made up of thin branching thread-like filaments. Mold spores and fragments contain irritating substances called allergens that trigger allergy reactions. Some also produce toxic substances called mycotoxins […]

Mold Exposure At Home And The Workplace

Mold exposure at home and the workplace can cause allergy in susceptible individuals. Mold allergy symptoms may be difficult to isolate from those caused by other allergy triggers (allergens) such as pollen, dust mites, cockroach allergens, animal allergens (hair, dander, saliva) and chemicals. Pollen is generally an outdoor problem although it could, in summer, infiltrate into the indoor […]

Sewage Backup – Why Test For Total Coliform, Fecal Coliform and Enterococcus

Sewage backup could lead to sewage contamination of the occupied spaces. Exposure to sewage contamination increases the risk of contracting diseases of the digestive system and other related illnesses. Potential disease causing organisms in sewage contamination include Escherichia coli, Salmonella, and Shigella. Testing for all possible disease causing microorganisms (pathogens) after sewage backup could be expensive, tedious […]

A fungal disease that is spreading throughout Canada and Northwestern USA

A rare fungal disease, Cryptococcosis, has recently been shown to be quickly spreading throughout Canada and Northwestern USA. Cryptococcus gattii, the fungus that causes the fungal disease, cryptococcosis is soilborne and is also associated with certain trees such as eucalyptus, pine or fir trees. It was previously only known in warmer climates throughout the tropics. However, since […]

Mould Training Course In Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

A mould training course on how to recognize indoor mould, how to develop effective sampling strategies, how to interpret laboratory results and how to control mould growth was conducted in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Concern about indoor mould exposure has been increasing as the public become aware that mould can cause serious health effects including allergic reactions. Mould has […]

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