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Bacteria in Water: Coliforms, Iron and Sulfur Bacteria

While we do tend to focus on indoor Mold and Bacteria in our reviews, there are obviously other microbes to consider especially bacteria in water. In the past, we’ve mentioned Legionnaires’ disease, which is a disease caused by a waterborne bacterium. Here we’ll discuss three other types of bacteria in water: coliforms, which, although not […]

Dimorphic Fungi: What Are They?

Dimorphic fungi are those fungi that exist either in yeast form or as mold (mycelial form) depending on environmental conditions, physiological conditions of the fungus or the genetic characteristics. As yeasts, dimorphic fungi exist as single cells and multiply by old cells producing daughter cells. Dimorphism is common with some members of the major divisions […]

Wallemia Mold

Wallemia spp. The genus Wallemia is xerophilic. Three species of Wallemia have been identified. These are W. ichthyophaga, W. sebi, and W. muriae. Wallemia sebi is the most well known species. It has been isolated from air, soil, dried food (causing spoilage) and salt. Since the species within the genus Wallemia have been recognized only […]


Ulocladium species Ulocladium (you-low-clay-dee-um) is a genus of saprophytic, darkly pigmented fungi.  Ulocladium  species are cosmopolitan and are commonly found in the soil and on decaying herbaceous plants, paper, textiles, dung, emulsion paint, grasses, fibres and wood.  In buildings, Ulocladium is commonly found in damp or wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and basements and […]


Trichoderma species Trichoderma is a very common fungi present in nearly all soils.  It contains many species and strains, of which some are saprophytic while others are pathogenic to other fungi such as Pythium. Trichoderma is also an opportunistic pathogen to humans and has been reported in the infection of immune-compromised children. Trichoderma are widely […]

Stachybotrys: Was it the Cause of Death of Infants in Cleveland, Ohio, USA?

Stachybotrys species When black mold is found growing in houses or commercial buildings, people panic. Black mold is thought by the general public to be Stachybotrys chartarum or simply the ‘bad mold’. The truth is there are several molds that appear black and most of them are relatively harmless. Stachybotrys chartarum is a cellulose-degrading fungus […]

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